• MB News
  • July 11, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB: Cleansing Egypt of Former Regime’s Remnants Priority

MB: Cleansing Egypt of Former Regime’s Remnants Priority

Setting aside ideological differences the Muslim Brotherhood participated with over 30 of Egypt’s political powers in the Tahrir protests on Friday, in a bid to save the revolution.

The MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie called on the people to unite to achieve the revolution objectives, adding all political powers should disregard differences and stay away from controversial issues, and put the nation’s interests before their own.

He highlighted that the group joined in after initial calls for establishing a new constitution before elections were abandoned.

Badie maintained that the protestors agreed on prioritizing Egypt’s wellbeing and established the significance of numerous demands to build and reform Egypt. The numerous demands included the detaining of all officers being tried for killing the protesters and the swift and speedy prosecuting of them and government officials also accused of the same charges.

It was imperative, he stressed, to compensate the martyr’s families, ending the military prosecution of civilians, restructuring the interior ministry and ridding it of all its corrupt figures and setting a reasonable minimum wage to be attained.

Repeating the MB’s call to join in and save the revolution Badie asserted that it was necessary the people cooperate with the military which worked for Egypt’s wellbeing.