MB: Egyptian National Security Can’t Be Bid On

MB:  Egyptian National Security Can’t Be Bid On

Following up on the current events, the MB is aware that among its duties is to clarify its position regarding the developments taking place at the internal, regional, and global levels as well as its stance on the Arab-Zionist conflict.


Based on this, the MB affirms its fixed stance on several issues such as resistance, national security, the nature of the conflict, and Zionist interests in the region.


The issue recently raised in media and political circles, at the local and regional level, known as the “Hezbollah cell in Egypt,” has exposed the nation’s need for unification in the face of the Israeli occupation seeking to disturb its security and stability. 


This necessitates that we determine who our friends and foes are, and the role of resistance in Palestine, Iraq, and other Arab and Islamic countries in defending Arab national security in general and Egyptian national security in particular, a matter which requires the whole nation, institutions and people, to support resistance morally, financially, and in fact, martially in application of the Joint Arab Defense agreement.  It is illogical that America provide the Zionist entity with all forms of support in addition to its possession of a nuclear arsenal while Palestinians be left unarmed in the face of siege, death, and destruction.  At the same time, we affirm that the nation’s support for resistance must take place within the context of coordination and collaboration between all the Arab and Islamic countries.  No one can disagree with Hezbollah’s aim of supporting Palestinian resistance; however, means of support must not be mixed with any form of individual acts.


We view this issue as one of Zionists’ attempts to weaken the Arab-Islamic nation by creating inter-Arab/Islamic conflicts to divert the nation’s attention from the true Arab/Islamic-Zionist conflict.  By this Zionists also seek to cover up on their war crimes against humanity in Gaza and to foil Gaza rebuilding programs.  All this calls on us to pay attention to the true nature of the conflict and not to allow differences and side issues that have been raised recently distract us from our major issues.


The MB affirm their support for resistance as they see in it the hope of the oppressed and the nation’s symbol of pride and dignity.  This support, however, doesn’t conflict with MB’s keenness on Egyptian national security and countries’ sovereignty over their lands.  Hence, the MB emphasize the necessity that the Egyptian government protect its national security by establishing justice, combating corruption, and supporting resistance, then by confronting those who tamper with this security;  this is why cooperating with those who intend to harm our countries is actually helping the American-Zionist project to succeed at penetrating the Islamic and Arab nation, especially Egypt.


By announcing this stance we would like to affirm the following:


1.  Our keenness for our country and its security, which is not limited only to refusing the use of its lands (and from there the establishment of martial bases on its lands, etc.) by any party without its knowledge or approval, but including any act that leads to the weakening of the country’s institutions, and hence, threatening its national security such as political, financial, and administrative corruption as well as the abuse of power, its use against people and to deprive them of their legitimate rights to freedom, political participation, and choosing their leaders and representatives.  This stance is the MB’s stance since its foundation, and its role of protecting the internal front and resisting British occupation wasn’t too long ago.  This role can’t be bid on by any individual or party because by carrying out this duty we are actually worshiping Allah based on the concept that “love of countries is part of faith.”


2.  Resistance’s legitimate right to defend its country against the enemy, especially Israelis in Palestine, with all its might and using all the available means.


3.  Our condemnation of all those participating in the siege imposed on our brothers in Palestine and those denying them support (whether food, clothes, medicine, or treatment.)


4.  Egypt’s status and leading role in the region as it is bigger than to fall for propagative calls that lead to no good.  Hence, instigative media campaigns that bring no good for Egypt nor Hezbollah must be stopped.


5.  The Zionist enemy is the nation’s true enemy and true source of threat, danger, worry, and tension in the region.  This fact should not separate our minds one moment.


God protect Egypt and its people as well, as the people of the Arab and Islamic nation, from the plots of its enemies.


The Muslim Brotherhood


April 22, 2009