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  • May 19, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

MB: Equality and Justice Is The Real Challenge

MB: Equality and Justice Is The Real Challenge

Covering significant issues concerning Egypt after the Revolution Dr. Essam el Erian of the newly formed Muslim Brotherhood Party the Freedom and Justice Party described the role of justice as invaluable in the next phase of Egypt’s nation building.

El Erian stressed that following the toppling of Mubarak’s corrupt regime the end of the Police State in Egypt made way for a new nation governed by justice and the rule of law.

He highlighted that during this nation-building process, it was imperative the Egyptian people engage in three different debates mainly just law making, law applying and law enforcement. According to el Erian, that since the revolution was particularly an uprising against 3 decades  of corruption and injustice, the Egyptian people are demanding the prosecution of all those who were involved.

It is on this note that he denounced the decisions made to release Mubarak’s wife and any of the former president’s aides stressing it was only just that a quick transparent investigation of all the crimes committed against the nation including deaths that happened during the revolution take place. Furthermore, he called for fair and transparent trials of all officials who took part in corruption.

He stated that the role of law enforcement has to be minimized to simple enforcement  and depend on the justice system that operates in that society asserting that the State Police needs to be a separate organization independent of the general police whose job is punitive and investigative rather than protecting the state. He stressed that the MB calls for a civil state respecting the supremacy of law based on Islamic references.

Addressing the current situation as somewhat gripped by a sense of insecurity and sectarian unrest, in the form of  a counter-revolution by remnants of the old regime aimed at sowing chaos Erian highlighted the importance of ignoring these attempts.

Erian praised the enthusiasm evident concerning the presidential elections and urged the people to be just as enthusiastic for the parliamentary elections stressing it was the parliamentarians who would take part in the decision making of the country’s future.

He explained only an elected parliament would implement the requirements of the majority of the population, break with the henchmen of the old regime and establish a society based on genuine democracy and social equality.

Guest speakers Dr. Safwat Higazi and Dr. Atia Fayyad also spoke to the assembly and called for a realisation of the demands of the revolution and for unity between Muslims and Christians shared adding “We will not allow a return to the dark times before the Revolution. The power of the state security forces and the former ruling NDP must finally be broken”.