MB: Military Court Rulings Will Further Tarnish Egypt’s Reputation

MB: Military Court Rulings Will Further Tarnish Egypt’s Reputation

Dr. Mohamed Habib, first deputy chairman of the MB, has stressed that the decisions passed by the military tribunal against 40 MB leading figures are unfair and mainly political. He criticized the military court which issued the rulings and described it as contradicting and inexperienced.


Habib pointed out that such decisions show the extent of severity and violence of the tyrant Egyptian regime and the way it deals with its political opponents who are seeking peaceful reform.


"The decisions are just a response to the success of the MB in recent parliamentary elections in 2005", he added "such military verdicts are not only against the MB to curtail and marginalize them but against all Egyptians to intimidate and terrify them if they dare to oppose the regime"s policies"


He indicated that the decisions will surely increase the public discontent due to political, economic, and social crises caused by the regime.


"Freezing assets and monies of some businessmen is utterly tyrannical, and will certainly hurt the Egyptian economy and further undermine Egypt tarnished reputation" he added referring to the military court tribunal today to freeze el Shater and Malek"s assets in several compainies they owned with other partners.