• MB News
  • April 16, 2011
  • 10 minutes read

MB: Quick trial to appease the people and time for Egypt to get on

MB: Quick trial to appease the people and time for Egypt to get on

Over the past few days and weeks, Egyptians have witnessed significant growth with respect to a number of contraversial issues that provoked their wrath. Most notably are the military’s laxity on trial of the remnants” of ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s regime was clearly expressed on people’s frustration that triggered them to participate in ‘Cleansing Friday’ rally. Current events in Egypt have coincided with the Zionist escalation against the besieged Gaza Strip and revolutionary developments in the Arab world towards freedom.

 In light of the current acceleration in the Arab world, the MB emphasizes the following:

First: On a domestic level 

  • The Muslim Brotherhood is waiting for a quick trial of the deposed president Hosni Mubarak, his family and the the symbols of corruption, maintaining a just punishment for the blood of the martyrs shed, regaining the looted money and constraining the near-absolute powers granted to the former president. This is the only way for peace, tranquility and calm to return to the people for Egypt’s welfare and its progress.

  • The Brothers are in favor of many political forces on the refusal of planning demonstrations on ‘Cleansing Friday, or marching rallies to the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, to give a full opportunity to the investigating authorities to complete their tasks in tracking down the corrupt officials and those responsible for the chaos that followed the youth uprising.

  • The MB appeals to all segments of the Egyptian society to endeavor to be effective in advancing sustainable developmental goals. The employees’ demonstrations, as an inherent right to the protesters, should not be used to stand in the way of Egypt’s welfare or cause an economic downturn since the success of the revolution is linked to facilitate the advancement of the economy.

  • The MB has argued that the allegations were first reported by several Egyptian media outlets on the Brotherhood’s participation in the next election which is purely speculative and does not, in any way, reflect the group’s position as they had repeatedly announced that their goal is to participate, not to dominate. The Muslim Brotherhood is not seeking power and does not aspire for a majority in the upcoming parliament, and this is a message to all political parties for Egypt’s best interests. The MB firmly believes that allocating a rate for seats is premature since the laws pertaining to the People’s Assembly and Shura Council, and the law regulating political rights, the Political Parties Law, and others related to presidential and legislative elections, are vague and ambiguous.

  • The Brotherhood warns of plots being woven against the protesters of “Cleansing Friday” in Tahrir Square by remnants of the corrupt regime and declares their solidarity with all political forces in Egypt. 

Second: Internationally and regionally 

  • The Brothers pay special attention to the Arab League Council as they called on the UN Security Council to consider an air embargo on Israeli military flights over Gaza. They stressed the importance of implementing Arab League resolutions concerning ending the siege on Gaza, opening the Rafah crossing permanently, and starting reconstruction of the beleaguered Strip as it necessitates an Arab-Islamic unified position with Egypt against Zionist aggression.

  • The MB calls on the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas to step up to achieve national reconciliation and not to pay attention to the US-Zionist dictates seeking instability in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood urges all Arab and Islamic systems and peoples to continue their support of the Palestinian armed resistance because it is the only way to take back the usurped rights of Palestinians. Particular attention should be paid to the US administration as it is susceptible to Israeli lobby blackmail and supports them by every available means.

  • The Brotherhood supports the people’s legitimate right of organizing protests for freedom and a transition to democracy in Yemen, Libya, Syria and other Arab countries. The MB reiterates its call to Arab leaders to step down, yield to the people’s demands and their aspirations for freedom, dignity and justice because no matter how long it takes and how many people are injured or martyred, the people will continue to struggle toward achieving their goals.