MB: Regime’s attempts to thwart MB and NAC’s online petition are doomed to failure

MB: Regime’s attempts to thwart MB and NAC’s online petition are doomed to failure

Dr. Essam El-Arian a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Executive Bureau, and head of the MB Political Section emphasized that any attempts to question the authenticity of the signatures collected on the 7-demands petition titled “Together we can change” are doomed to failure.

The statement was made by El-Arian in response to the ruling National Democratic Party’s allegations that the campaign was marred by significant fraud.


El-Arian asserted to the independent daily newspaper Al-Dostour that attempts were made to eliminate names and enter  forged ID cards however tight restrictions  were made to ensure that  the user is unable to login more than once from the same computer in addition  to the ongoing technical review to «tawkatonline» to verify the accuracy of the data. “Accordingly, in case of any irregularities, the signature is written off and the number is rescinded immediately”, he said.


“The increasing number of signatures collected by the MB’s online petition indicates that the “seven demands for change” are backed by the Egyptian people,” he said, adding that the petitioners do not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, but to different political opposition parties, movements and trends in Egypt .


Abdul Rahman Samir, ElBaradei’s campaign website administrator, ascertained “We check that the authenticity of the signatories are identical with the PC ID number checking to see if he resides in  Egypt  or abroad.

He maintained that they had rejected over 7,000 signatures since they doubted its validity, adding “Only signatures carefully reviewed are posted”


The Muslim Brotherhood’s online campaign “Seven demands for reform” launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie and adopted by Egypt’s opposition political powers has so far reaped 400,000 signatures through the group’s tawkatonline. The latest count by the National Association for Change NAC’s website has revealed that 90,000 signatures have been collected, exceeding a total of over 500,000 signatures.