• MB News
  • October 13, 2010
  • 4 minutes read

MB: Regime incapable of engaging in honest competition

MB: Regime incapable of engaging in honest competition


The arrest and transportation to unknown destinations of 11 Muslim Brotherhood members in Alexandria has triggered wide condemnations and abhorrence in Egypt. Security forces raided and confiscated belongings from the homes and bookstores coinciding with the group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie’s confirmation that the MB will take part in the elections scheduled for November.


Sobhi Saleh, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, asserted that the arrests were an expected response to Badie’s announcement where the chairman highlighted that the group will compete for 30% of the seats. He added that this was a natural response by the regime to begin its electoral rigging through arrests of innocent men and the forged and fabricated registering of thousands of names on the ballot forms in favour of the ruling National Democratic Party.


MP Saber Abul Fotouh, also from the MB Parliamentary bloc, indicated that these measures proved that the government was incapable of facing the MB in honest competition at the polls. He claimed that rather than engage in dialogue with political opposition the authorities chose to practice oppression against any dissidents in the form of unjust arrests reflecting dismal failure on their part.


Abul Fotouh said that he expected an escalation of the arrest campaigns during the upcoming period, especially after the MB in Alexandria announced the names of their nominees.