MB: Rigging elections is government piracy

MB: Rigging elections is government piracy
The candidates described measures taken to rob the people of their free will and right to choose their own representative during elections
  Media spokesmen for the bloc Dr. Mohamed Morsy and Dr. Essam el Erian participated in the conference along with Saad el Husseiny and Dr. Mohamed Katatni
Morsy described the rigging as a crime against the nation with the regime’s insistence to oppose the people’s call for true reform. He pointed out that the Brotherhood is determined to continue calling for peaceful reform adding that the constitution stipulates free elections which is without doubt a significant tool for this reform. Morsy maintained that the group along with other opposition factions in society will follow through with their demands
 He thanked the Egyptian people, who tried to cast a vote, despite the obstinacy of the system and praised the MB candidates for their time and efforts during the last few weeks in preparation for the elections

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni stated that what happened yesterday exceeded all red lines and exposed the ruling NDP’s true colours to the world. He accused the Supreme electoral commission of neglect stressing that they failed to follow through with their responsibilities and respond effectively and assertively to the complaints filed
MP Saad Al-Husseini also launched a strong attack on the performance of the Supreme Committee claiming that they facilitated rigging in favour of the regime’s party by ignoring complaints and submitted appeals

He disclosed that the MB lawyer had submitted to the Committee a list of breaches and violations to assist the Commission to achieve electoral integrity and called for the end of security interventions, but they too were neglected. He slammed the Interior Ministry’s interference and arrogance in employing their security apparatus to intimidate voters. Husseini called for the return of the judicial supervision of election claiming it will encourage citizens to put their trust again in any future elections 

  The MB candidates confirmed that their last few weeks of campaigning including the Election Day were full of harassments, violations and abuses ranging from unjustified arrests, detentions and kidnappings of both candidates and supporters to the confiscating of banners and posters and clashes with baton wielding security forces dressed in civilian clothes. The Security forces even went as far as employing live ammunition to disperse crowds during both campaigning and elections. The candidates reported that the commission failed to do its assigned job to defend the rights of the candidates, supporters and the voters

The MB concluded the conference asserting that regardless of the excessive violations practiced against them and the continuous arrests and indefinite detentions they will follow their cause calling for political reform through tolerant and peaceful methods