MB: Selmi Initiatives Undemocratic, Constitutionalize Military Rule

MB: Selmi Initiatives  Undemocratic, Constitutionalize Military Rule

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for resignation of Dr. Ali Selmi and Dr. Essam Sharaf’s Government in its entirety, if they insist on the adoption of so-called constitutional principles or guidelines, setting criteria for the selection of the Constituent Assembly, considering such matters binding upon all people, and issuing the same in the form of a new constitutional declaration. 

In a statement issued on Wednesday entitled "Fend Off Sedition", the Brotherhood said: "We, together with all honest national Egyptian stakeholders, will not allow a small minority to impose its will upon the great Egyptian people, in pursuit of personal, partisan or sectarian gains."
The statement went on: What Dr. Ali Selmi did is a flagrant violation of the people’s right to elect the Drafting Committee, and the people’s right to grant themselves the constitution they want; and it lays to waste the democracy, which essentially means the rule of the people, and it totally ignores the popular will demonstrated in the March 2011 referendum, and it runs against the principle of state democracy by including an article (9) which gives the army the right to protect the civil state and the Constitution thus involving the military in politics, and even puts it above the Constitution – thus killing the idea of a democratic state on which the whole people are agreed.
In the statement, the MB added: "This is evident in the presence of remnants of the dissolved National Party in Dr. Selmi’s Conference, in refusal to issue the law of political isolation, refusal to cancel the state of emergency, persistence in the trial of civilians before military courts, and other evidence which subtracts from public confidence and trust granted to the Military Council by the Egyptian people.

The MB said: "Egypt is for us too dear and great to be left to this faction to play havoc with its present, its future and the welfare of its future generations". The MB also called upon all Egyptians to immediately start popular activities to ward off all discord and sedition that some are trying to spark in order to corrupt political life after the revolution and prevent the people from reaching their goals of democracy they have all been aspiring to.