MB: The US must withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

MB: The US must withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Following the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ossama Bin Laden during a shootout in Pakistan it is high time the US realize that it must withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a statement media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam Al-Erian continued stressing that the killing of Bin Laden the alleged mastermind behind the September 11 attacks will stem terrorism and eliminate one of the causes of violence in the world.

He added that the MB believes it is time for Obama to withdraw forces from Afghanistan and Iraq and end the US and Western forces occupation across the world and Islamic countries which have proved to be damaging and harmful.

Al-Erian maintained that the Arab awakening and revolutions which took place are a clear indication that the region is in no need of foreign intervention.

Al-Erian predicted the possibility of a backlash to the killing of bin Laden in the regions of the world where elements of al Qaeda remain located including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco and Algeria, who reacted in violence following the news of his killings with threats that Al-Qaeda will continue.

Al-Erian ascertained it was significant that the media understand and clarify that Al Qaeda did not reflect the teachings of Islam adding that in fact Islam denounces violence and terrorism that is promoted by AlQaeda