• MB News
  • April 24, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

MB: Too Early to Decide on Alliance with Wafd Party

MB: Too Early to Decide on Alliance with Wafd Party
Essam Al-Erian, media spokesperson for the Brotherhood, said that it is still too early to decide on an alliance with the Wafd Party.
During the fifth session of “A Dialogue for Egypt”, Al-Erian added that the Brotherhood has urged all political powers to have a unified list of candidates in the election. Consultations are still ongoing, he said.
Al-Arian has indicated that the Brotherhood would prefer the unified list so that political powers reach a consensus on the right mechanisms in light of the changes currently being experienced in Egypt.
President of Egypt’s Wafd Party Sayed al-Badawy said his party may form an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming parliamentary elections if the party’s general assembly agrees.
Badawy said that the relationship between the Wafd Party and the Muslim Brotherhood is historic, and his party never considered the Brotherhood a banned group.
He said that in fact when Safwat al-Sherif, former secretary general of the dissolved National Democratic Party, asked the Wafd to file a report with the attorney general to disqualify the Brotherhood’s parliamentary elections candidates for using religious slogans, the party refused.