MB & FJP: We Seek West-Like Union, Not Traditional Caliphate

MB & FJP: We Seek West-Like Union, Not Traditional Caliphate

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau and Dean of Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Theology and Da’wa (Islamic reach-out) in Mansoura, clarified that Dr. Mohamed Badie,MB Chairman, mentioned in his weekly the Caliphate in the context of the great victory achieved by the Islamic movement in elections in the various states of the "Arab spring" recently, putting the dream of unity within reach.

He said in a press statement: "By enlightened Caliphate we do not mean the traditional stereo-type of Islamic government, with a Caliph at the head of the states appointing governors and so on. Rather, it is possible that there would be a union of Arab and Islamic states resembling already existing models that can be developed, adopted and built upon, such as the Organization of Islamic cooperation."

He expressed great astonishment that whilst there is unity among all the Western countries in the world, when Islamists mention the word it is suddenly a major problem. There is the European Union, and there is the United States of America as well as other major Western clusters or gatherings. On the other hand, there is never an Arab-Islamic union of any kind with an active role in the region.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amr Darraj, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee, said in a statement that the Caliphate does not necessarily mean an old-style Caliph; but means a great deal of unity among Muslims in various parts of the globe.

Darraj asked why Arabs and Muslims are castigated when they try to establish a gathering that unites them together, pointing out that this unity simply means a rapprochement among the Islamic countries and peoples of the globe, aiming to bring happiness to the whole world, and that the Muslims regain their leading role and their advanced civilization that dazzled the world for centuries.