MB & FJP Considering Million-Man Demonstration in Solidarity With Syrian People

MB & FJP Considering Million-Man Demonstration in Solidarity With Syrian People

Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagui, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)  in Cairo, confirmed that the Syrian Baathist regime is re-committing its same crimes against the defenseless people of Syria because of their demand for freedom and democracy.

El-Beltagui condemned, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, the criminal act being committed against the Syrian people by the Baathist regime, stressing that these are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity.

He called on all the free people in the world to stand up against the arrogance and repression of the Syrian regime, pointing out that there are discussions for mobilizing a one-million-men demonstration in support to the Syrian people’s struggle.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that the Syrian people face a brutal regime, which would not mind the extermination of scores of people and entire cities to impose its dictatorship.

He added that the Arab League is now requested to take a firm stand against the Syrian regime, and he went on to call on the Arab governments to sever ties with the Syrian regime in light of the recent major escalation of this dictatorship.

He also called for mass demonstrations at the Syrian and Arab embassies, as well as the embassies of all countries in the world to demand stopping the repression of the Baathist regime against unarmed Syrian people who are demanding their legitimate rights to freedom and democracy.