MB accuses former regime of provoking sectarian strife in Egypt

MB accuses former regime of provoking sectarian strife in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood has criticised the former regime as being behind the current events witnessed in Egypt which have provoked sectarian sedition.

In a statement the MB accused the former government of focusing its efforts on strengthening its grip on power, and fully neglecting its duty of protecting the people and advocating unity. As a result it has allowed a highly charged sectarian atmosphere to reach a boiling point.

It is evident that from engaging in sectarian strife the regime was standing to benefit from embroiling the country in this through division as it weakens any chance of a united people which may cripple the system.

Hence it is on this note that the MB stresses the former regime failed to embark on genuine political reforms that would have preserved national unity and inoculated Egypt against sectarian strife.

The MB urges the entire nation to unite and to abstain from being lured into the trap of sedition. It urges intellectuals, academics and citizens Muslims and Copts alike to wake up to the looming dangers that threatened to destabilize the country and push it into a dangerous course.

The MB reminds Egypt as a whole of the successful People’s January 25 revolution that the world has witnessed and calls on the nation to remember the pride in which all Egyptians regardless of religion, colour, creed or sect united and sacrificed.

The statement ended calling on all to unite reminding the people that life is full of boundless possibilities, but in order to transform a possibility into a reality all  have to remember nothing is gained without something relinquished illustrating to the world that patriotism and strength can only come about through mutual respect and love for one another.