MB advocates: We reject such decisions; we accept acquittal only

MB advocates: We reject such decisions; we accept acquittal only

 In a statement on Tuesday April 4th 2008 after the military tribunal”s decision, Subhi Salih, an advocate of the MB court- martialed, said that the advocates refuse such unfair decisions and insist on the nullity of the tribunal and the decisions. They state that it is a baseless- case; it is mainly political.

Salih indicated that the court is unspecialized and unconstitutional; consequently all its decisions and procedures are null. “How can be a fair tribunal without even allowing the lawyers to hear the decision?” he inquired.

He added that the security forces did not allow any lawyer to enter the court hall or attend the tribunal; if there was any! “The security forces told us that decisions have been entrusted to the guards who informed us of the passed verdicts; we have not received the decision text till now” he added.

Salih described the chasing and arrests of journalists and detainees” families that took place during the tribunal as hysteria experienced by Egypt “s regime. He placed the responsibilities of such farces and violations on the government and the ruling NDP; the unsuccessful, as he described.
Abdul-Moneim Abdul-Maqsoud, coordinator of advocates and the only one to enter the tribunal”s hall, said that the court did not pass decisions, he did not attend the tribunal, and don”t know whether the detainees have attended the tribunal or not.

He asserted what Salih said; i.e. the security forces did not allow anybody to enter the hall and that the court was held an unprecedented utterly covert manner. Till now, the court did not officially pass any decisions and the lawyers did not receive any decision texts. “This is the military tribunal!!” he commented.

Regarding the expected legal procedures, Salih said that lawyers have the right to appeal these decisions within 60 days of passing the decisions according to the amendment of the Military Judiciary in 2007.