MB and Ayman Nour Study the Formation of a Parallel Parliament

MB and Ayman Nour Study the Formation of a Parallel Parliament

 Dr. Ayman Nour, founder of Al-Ghad party, will be meeting tomorrow with Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Dr. Saad El-Ketatni and Dr. Essam El-Erian to discuss the practical steps of establishing the national legislative association, a parallel parliament.

The MB chairman insists that the idea of a parallel parliament falls within the framework of a national legislative association stemming from the National Association for Change (NAC).

Both parties agreed that the “legislative association” would work on providing a scientific research with new recommendations for the country in terms of legislation.

Dr.Essam El-Erian, media spokesman of the MB, stressed that they have discussed with both Dr. Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator of the NAC; Dr. Abdel Galil Mustafa, former general coordinator of the Kefaya Movement; and Ayman Nour. Head of Al-Ghad party on the current situations and exchanged ideas on finding solutions for the crisis the regime has caused for Egypt and all Egyptians.

He added that Dr. Badie called the national forces for a meeting within the fourth movement of “a Dialogue for Egypt” to discuss the next steps as the elections are not the end of it, and integrity and the search for a joint project stresses the importance of respecting the multi-party system and the rotation of power according to fair elections.

El-Erian pointed out that the meetings include the situation that Egypt was driven to by the current regime and cooperation is the only solution to end this crisis.