• November 24, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

MB And EU Delegates Discuss Reform And International Affairs

MB And EU Delegates Discuss Reform And International Affairs

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc met on Wednesday November 22, 2006, with a European Union (EU) parliament delegation at the bloc’s headquarters at Manial el Roda, Cairo.

During the meeting the EU delegation affirmed that Egypt is facing major challenges, foremost among which are population overgrowth and the obstacles facing the economic reform. The delegation added that these challenges exacerbate the suffering of the Egyptian people and require radical solutions.

The delegation also voiced its concern over the deteriorating situations in Palestine and the political instability in Lebanon, especially after the assassination of its Industry Minister, Pierre Gemayel. The delegation expressed its rejection of president Bush’s policies in Iraq and his adopting of the notion of the clash of civilization while Europe is heading towards a partnership based on democracy.

Members of the delegation pointed out that all nations must have the right to choose their own forms of democracy based on their cultures and traditions, out of a belief that democracy can not be imposed or imported. They pointed out that the European Union has condemned the aggressions committed by Israel against civilians in Gaza, especially at Beit Hanoun, describing this as a mass punishment of the Palestinian people after they voted for Hamas. While the delegation strongly condemned these acts, it expressed its satisfaction that the international community has brought the Palestinian cause back to the center of the world’s attention.

“We have called for holding an international conference to discuss the Palestinian issue and the peace process, but Europe alone can not succeed with such conference” the delegation said, calling for Egypt to work closely with the European Union to find a peaceful solution in the Middle East.

Following the meeting,a lengthy debate occurred between the MB and EU delegations over the political reform, democracy and development issues in Egypt. The delegation praised the MB Bloc members for their transparency, excellent performance and truthfulness, promising to pay more visits for further rapprochement and cooperation.

Dr. Hamdy Hassan, the spokesman of the MB bloc said, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, that the meeting with the European delegation comes within context of the Bloc’s ongoing activities to show the true image of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hassan praised the European Union which preferred to get to know about the MB visions first hand from its members rather than quoting from other sources.” We advocate serious dialogues with any side that seeks to know the MB attitudes towards all issues on the arena”, he said, pointing out that the MB bloc members exercise their political activities out of a sense of responsibility rather than dictates from the government or any other side.