• December 20, 2011

MB and FJP Delegation to Visit Actors’ Syndicate

MB and FJP Delegation to Visit Actors’ Syndicate

 A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)’s Art Committee and the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP), public relations is scheduled to visit the Actors’ Syndicate, and its Chairman Ashraf Abdul Ghafour, Tuesday at 4 pm.

The delegation will include writer Ali Alghareeb, Artist Dr. Mohamed Alnaggar, Sameer Alwaseemy head of the FJP’s PR in Cairo and Head of the MB’s Art Committee, Sayed Darwish in addition to Dr. Mohamed Elzeiny and Dr. Amr Talat and other FJP youths.

 The meeting comes as an initiative by the MB and FJP to show their support to the movie industry and calm fears of FJP win

“Art is a significant form of expression which sends an influential message to its audience. Following the January revolution it is imperative we embrace the changes and blend with it”, the group stated.