• January 26, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

MB and FJP Leaders Condemn Political Parties Justifying Violence

MB and FJP Leaders Condemn Political Parties Justifying Violence

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, said that certain groups involved in events marking the second anniversary of the January 25 Revolution behaved honorably, “but other groups do not see a place for themselves among true revolutionaries except through violence, thuggery, road-blocking and storming of State institutions and headquarters. Although these are relatively small groups, they get generous coverage in media promoting them as effective, valuable tools.

In exclusive statements, Erian urged political parties and forces to make their position clear with regard to the latest waves of violence and vandalism and lawlessness, since their negative stance seems to indicate a tacit acceptance of those violations.

"Absurdly, certain political parties are using these events in the hope of achieving gains in forthcoming parliamentary elections; some reject democratic elections altogether; while some are desperately trying to derail the revolution.

"Egyptians brought down a despotic regime in the January 25, 2011 Revolution in order to build a democratic regime based on respect for freedoms and the rotation of power. However, everyone should realize that moving away from democracy is in fact taking the side of the counter-revolution."

Erian concluded his statements by highlighting the need for demonstrations to commit to the peaceful nature stipulated by the Constitution and the law, stressing that any damage to institutions will be detrimental to Egypt as a whole.

Separately, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, reaffirmed that ongoing fighting between demonstrators and security forces is unfortunate and unworthy of the Egyptian people who made such a peaceful revolution that impressed the whole world.

Al-Barr further said he had hoped that, as celebrations of the Revolution coincide with the anniversary of the birthday of Prophet Mohamed, who built the nation of unity, cooperation and interdependence, activities marking these two occasions would be a lot more positive and peaceful.

The Brotherhood leader stressed that freedom of expression must be exercised peacefully, away from bloodshed, violence and vandalism. He also demanded the State and the Ministry of Interior must protect demonstrators and prevent any thugs or criminals seeking to commit acts of violence from infiltrating their ranks.

"All political party chiefs must now urge their fans to express their opinions in a peaceful manner and return to national dialogue."

Meanwhile, Dr. Amr Darrag, member of the FJP’s Executive Bureau, said political forces are required to show responsibility, and declare clear condemnation of the violence committed by some in various parts of the country.

"It is strange that the only statements made by some political figures come in the context of justification for acts of violence and seeking to give political cover for such flagrant crimes – something which cannot be understood under any circumstances.

"All political forces must assume their responsibility of these events. It makes no sense to allow assaults on FJP, Muslim Brotherhood or government offices and headquarters on the false grounds that the FJP is a kind of demon that no-one should deal with.

"In any case, it is no longer enough for these parties and forces to merely condemn ongoing acts of mindless violence and vandalism; they must sincerely endeavor to put a quick end to all those crimes and provide essential support to those dealing with saboteurs terrorizing Egyptians across the country."