MB and FJP Not to Participate in September 9 Rally

MB and FJP Not to Participate in September 9 Rally

 Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan announced that the group will not be participating in the September 9 rallies scheduled for this upcoming Friday, called "Friday of Correcting the Path."

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Gozlan said that "The Muslim Brotherhood took part in several protests in order to voice the demands of the Egyptian people; however, this crucial period requires everybody’s effort to work towards ending this transitional phase according to the timeline approved by the majority of Egyptians in March referendum."

Moreover, The Freedom and Justice Party stated in a press release by its Secretary Genral Saad El Katany that it will not take part in the protests, saying that the reason for million men protests is pressure for the sake of fulfilling the greater demands of the revolution, many of which have been achieved. Now it is pivotal to reach adequate coordination among all political forces before organizing any rally in order to have the maximum results, he said.

Katatny added that those who called for Friday rally did not agree on specific goals, and have numerous demands; some of them are partial ones.

"The FJP believes that it’s essential to grant officials the opportunity to implement the rest of the revolution demands, and if they fail to do that, the party will return powerfully to the square as we did in previous protests," Katatny said.