MB and Former Regime Remnants Face Off in Teachers’ Union Elections

MB and Former Regime Remnants Face Off in Teachers’ Union Elections
The Teachers’ Union elections are underway today following ten years of marginalizing teachers and disregarding their rights and demands during the former regime’s rule.

A high presence is evident from the Muslim Brotherhood members who have raised the motto ‘reform’ and have busied themselves explaining their proposed agenda to their colleagues over the past few weeks.

The MB teachers are working for a strong and efficient union which will guarantee the teacher’s rights and sustained dignity and enhance and develop education in Egypt. A large turnout of remnants from the former regime who had full control of the union appears to be present.

A recent statement issued by the group "Teachers without a Union Movement" stated that September 13 had witnessed a victorious moment for the teachers with two court rulings. A court ruling has announced that 74 teachers who were in the union the last 11 years and have been nominated to run in the elections again have been disqualified. According to regulations teachers are not permitted to hold post in the union for more than two consecutive terms.

The second verdict, ruling in favor of the Teachers without a Union Movement, had refused an appeal by former NDP members and communists who called for the indefinite postponing of the union elections.