MB and Kifaya denounce Regimes’ exploitation of media as propaganda for Gamal Mubarak

MB and Kifaya denounce Regimes’ exploitation of media as propaganda for Gamal Mubarak

There is no doubt that the atmosphere before the match Saturday against Algeria for qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa raised resentment and outrage among the Egyptian political opposition. Political analysts regarded the media’s coverage as political propaganda for Gamal Mubarak, the 46-year-old son of President Mubarak in his efforts to succeed his father as president. It was evident with the presidential interest represented in Hosni Mubarak’s eagerness and his two sons Alaa and Gamal to visit the national team, encouraging players on the eve of the match.


Dr. Abdel Halim Qandil, General Coordinator of the Kifaya "Enough" Movement, stressed that the media’s coverage ahead of Egypt and Algeria’s match was an early electoral propaganda campaign for the presidency in which Egypt’s name was intertwined  with Mubarak’s family. We noticed that Mubarak attended the national team’s training after Gamal Mubarak made a similar move and Alaa Mubarak also made a telephone call to Egypt’s national soccer team coach.



These measures have never been heard of in any other country, he said, demonstrating that it is an indication of the absurdity of the ruling regime. The only explanation for this is that they can only win through football fans. The President practiced methods known as Psychological and Neurological where he played on the citizens’ emotions.


For two months the regime took advantage of both public and private media sources to distract people’s attention away from corruption and disaster.



"Egypt dealt with the football match as a matter of ‘life and death’ undermining the cultural and historical ties forgetting Egypt and Algeria’s history that were dotted with bloodshed," he said adding that "Hundreds of thousands of people have been massacred, and sacrifices were made representing Egypt’s support during Algeria’s war of independence and Algeria’s, along with the financial and armaments support for Egypt and Syria during the October war".




Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, stated that "The media’s inadequate coverage of appropriate events reflects the moral decay of our culture." Everyone is concentrating only in one direction that is to mobilize the public towards the match’s victory as if Algeria is an attainable target and defeat is almost completely neglected despite the possibility of occurrence. If Egypt’s team was defeated in such a tense atmosphere, it will inevitably lead to uncontrolled popular explosion.


"The winning of Egypt’s Soccer team of the match, will of course be automatically attributed to Gamal Mubarak; and this is unacceptable, questioning who is Gamal Mubarak to give him our great win? Who is responsible if they defeated? Adding that "whosoever is credited with the victory must also bear the loss."



He continued that members of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc were deeply concerned with the media’s hype and the increasing tension ahead of Algeria’s match may actually reach a serious degree that may affect the bilateral relations between the two countries defeating the purpose of sport where sporting events are supposed to build and strengthen positive relationship between different countries.

The spokesman used Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger‘s exploiting of sport successfully in the establishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and China "Ping Pong diplomacy" to become mutual relations in all areas as an example.


He pointed out that "the Muslim Brotherhood called on the media to handle this delicate matter with caution and wisdom and not be driven behind those who want to spark a war between the two countries for their personal interests and goals.


Political writer Dr. Refaat Sayed Ahmed said "It is a distraction from Egypt’s thorny political and social issues particularly the NDP’s congress failure in reaching any achievements distracting the public with the games rather than having them interested in the forthcoming presidential election in which all will witness Gamal’s bequeathing of power".


Satirical writer Salim Azzouz believes that the issue is difficult to understand as the ruling regime is seeking to waste the nations’ energies in unusual and trivial matters, this is surprising as it reflects the inability of the Egyptian ruling regime to achieve victory for the Egyptians in the natural fields and forcing them to look for victory in the stadiums.



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