MB and NAC to continue Anti-power inheritance protests

MB and NAC to continue Anti-power inheritance protests

 Assistant Secretary-General of the MB parliamentary bloc and a member of the National Association for Change Mohamed Al-Beltagy has stressed that the Brothers and the National Association for Change have reached consensus and will continue to effectively jointly work against the widespread electoral fraud, NDP’s corruption and Egypt ‘s succession scenarios.


Beltagy told Ikhwanweb that a meeting to discuss future procedures was recently held between Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie and a delegation from the National Association for Change led by General NAC Coordinator Dr. Abdul Galil Mustafa, Dr. Hassan Nafaa, and Journalist Hamdi Kandil, and the group’s spokesman Dr.Salah Abdul Moatal at his office last week.


Al-Beltagy who attended the meeting, maintained that the two sides discussed the latest political developments and put forward a proposed agenda for the upcoming stage. He maintained that they both agreed on the significance of preserving the unity of the NAC and asserted they will continue their petitioned drive collecting signatures calling for political reform and constitutional amendments.


Both sides maintained they would hold rallies to raise awareness for the necessity of reform, and will pressure the government into responding to their popular demands. They vowed they would continue to cooperate with all political opposition forces pushing for democratic change in Egypt .


“The decision to go forward with these elections or not will not deter peaceful activities aimed to combat the tyranny of the ruling regime, but will increase support for all proposals involved in demands for peaceful reform and change”. Al-Beltagui asserted.


Dr. Hassan Nafaa, former General NAC Coordinator, denied that the Brotherhood and the Wafd Party’s participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections may cause a crisis and a split within the ranks of the Assembly, stressing that no political force will be ruled out from the NAC