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  • December 10, 2010
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MB and Opposition Increase Coordination Efforts

MB and Opposition Increase Coordination Efforts


 In the aftermath of Egypt’s ruling NDP’s illegitimate sweep of the parliamentary elections opposition movements and parties have been increasing coordination.

A recent meeting between the Muslim Brotherhood, Wafd party and the NAC has resulted in renewed commitment and vows to collaborate for political reform. All involved agreed to continue their call for peaceful political reform reiterating they would work together despite their ideological differences.The group has discussed forming an alternative parliament as they do not recognize the legitimacy of the incoming legislature.

A meeting is scheduled Saturday December 11 at the Democratic National Front’s headquarters to discuss the excessive violations and fraud practiced by the regime against opposition. Measures will be decided on how to step up methods to deal with the riggings and to advocate the implementing of the numerous court orders that were ruled in the opposition’s favour.

Former MP’s from the MB, Independent and other opposition factions to attend the meeting include Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, Mohsen Radi, Gamal Zahran, Saad Abboud, Mohammed Alomda, Mohammed Sherdy,Hamdeen Sabahi,and  Mustafa Bakry.