MB and Thousands of Egyptians Welcome Turkish PM at Airport

MB and Thousands of Egyptians Welcome Turkish PM at Airport

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by tens of thousands of Egyptians including Muslim Brotherhood members who flocked into Cairo airport Monday night to welcome the Turkish prime minister.

 MB members raised banners supporting Erdogan and chanted slogans like, “Egypt, Turkey one hand”, and “Erdogan, Erdogan doesn’t fear Israel.” The chants continued before Erdogan was officially welcomed by Egypt’s PM Essam Sharaf and his wife. Field Marshal Tantawi was notably absent.

 Turkish, Egyptian and Palestinian flags were also raised by the MB and members of the Freedom and Justice Party. Turkish businessmen were among the delegation which also met with Dr. Ahmet Davuto?lu, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, who shook hands with the crowds.

 MB media spokesman, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, stated that the group encouraged a massive turnout to welcome Turkey’s Prime Minister for his humanitarian, patriotic and noble positions towards the Arab and Muslim nations.

 Speaking to Ikhwanweb, Ghozlan stated, “Erdogan, enjoys much popularity and is the symbol of pride and dignity in the Arab world. His actions and refusal to meet with Israel’ Shimon Peres during the Davos conference after Israel refused to apologize for the offensives in Gaza clearly indicate this.”

 He added, “Erdogan’s compassion was evident after he ordered a fleet to set sail to help end the siege on the Gazans winning him the respect and admiration of the Egyptians at a time when the former Egyptian regime was cooperating with Israel to build the Iron Wall.”