MB and Wafd Unite in Bid to Expose NDP Rigging through Legal and Peaceful Methods

MB and Wafd Unite in Bid to Expose NDP Rigging through Legal and Peaceful Methods

The opposition has united in a bid to expose the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) using all possible legal means in what they described as the farcical elections held recently.

The country’s strongest opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, who won no seats outright, has called on its members to express their rejection of the new parliament, stressing the need to use all available peaceful and legal means, including the media, to prove that the parliament is void. It calls on all Egyptians to continue its call for demands for reform which were outlined in an online petition that was launched by the MB and NAC emphasizing that any talk of the futility of the signature campaign supporting the reforms is intended to destroy hope for change.

The Wafd Party, which boycotted the second runoff of the elections with the MB, in turn has also announced that it will conduct a forum for legal experts to consider  possible ways to invalidate  the recent parliamentary elections which brought about a so-called sweeping victory as a result of fraud and rigging by the ruling National Democratic Party.

Yehia al-Gamal, Atef al-Banna and Ibrahim Darwish, all legal experts are expected to head the forum scheduled for December 20. Yassin Tag al-Din, head of the party’s legal committee, will document reports to prove that the election was rigged, and a working group will be formed to enforce the recommendations produced by the forum.

The group further criticized what it described as the regime’s insistence on proceeding with the new parliamentary session despite court rulings declaring the parliament void