• MB News
  • August 15, 2010
  • 5 minutes read

MB annual dinner banned by Mubarak’s regime

MB annual dinner banned by Mubarak’s regime

The Muslim Brotherhood‘s media spokesman and Executive Bureau member, Dr. Mohamed Morsy confirmed that Mubarak’s regime in power for over 30 years has banned the Muslim Brotherhood from holding their annual Iftar. The movement has accustomed itself to holding the Iftar in one of Cairo ‘s five-star hotels and is usually attended by various national social and political powers from different political parties. The MB stressed that the decision to ban the dinner will damage Egypt ‘s reputation and dignity and is contrary to the Constitution, which provides citizens have the right to peaceful assembly, without the need for prior notice.

Morsy expressed  surprise at  the Egyptian Interior Ministry’s banning to the annual meal, since  it is a public affair attended by dignitaries from all national political trends and poses no threat to Egypt’s security and stability.

He emphasized that the annual dinner held in Egypt ‘s constituencies will be held as planned. He added "The movement has called for a special gala dinner planned for next Wednesday at the MB parliamentary bloc in place of the banned dinner".

He revealed that the group invited all opposition parties without exception, including members of the National Association for Change

Following the meal, discussions regarding numerous issues including the opposition’s approach to the parliamentary elections will take place.

Morsy ascertained that the MB supports the call adopted by opposition for political reform and constitutional change stressing that the MB are in favor of the desired reform regardless of who adopts it.

Morsy concluded his statement apologizing for not inviting the media to attend the ceremony, due to the lack of room at the MB headquarters assuring the media that a statement will be issued in a statement for publishing in the newspapers.