MB Bloc, World Islamist MPs Denounce Duweik’s Prison Sentence

MB Bloc, World Islamist MPs Denounce Duweik’s Prison Sentence

Egyptian MB Parliamentary Bloc and the World Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians expressed their firm denouncement of the ruling issued by the Israeli Military Court of Aufer on Tuesday, December 16, sentencing Dr. Aziz El-Duweik, Head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, to prison for three years.

In a statement issued Wednesday signed by Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc Dr.  Mohamed Sa”d El-katatny, the bloc called on the organizations of civil society, the Islamic and Arab parliaments, the Arab League, and international society to take prompt action against this oppressive sentence.

Hussein Ibrahim, Vice-President of the World Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians and Head of the Palestine Committee, emphasized the importance of intervening to support legitimacy symbolized in Duweik whom the people freely elected as Head of the Parliament considering the sentence, overall, political and not having anything to do with judicature or justice pointing out that the Israeli judicature in essence is illegitimate and hence any sentences issued by it against the Palestinian people and their leaders are illegitimate.

Ibrahim further called on the institutions of civil society, human rights organizations, and all free people to face their responsibilities and exert serious efforts in restraining the Israeli enemy and compelling it to immediately release Duweik and the rest of his kidnapped brothers and put an end to this case pointing out that this sentence is one in a series of daily Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in addition to the crime of the siege imposed on the people of Gaza to break the will of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and force it to give up resistance which has proven to be the only option that works with the Israeli occupation.

The Israeli Military Court of Aufer had issued on Tuesday, December 16, a three-year prison sentence against Duweik, and 48 months for the Palestinian Legislative Council”s Vice-Chair Anwar Ezzabun on charges of affiliation with the “Change and Reform” Bloc representing Hamas in the Palestinian Legislative Council, after two years of detainent for more than 40 Hamas MPs.