MB Bloc: Muslim Brotherhood Party for All Egyptians

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, said that the political party that the group declared starting to establish is open for all Egyptians (Muslims and Copts).

Hassan confirmed, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, that an MB party will not be sectarian; every Egyptian has the right to join this party as long as he believes in its principles and is convinced with its agenda.

The MB media spokesman added that the group presented programs and views in the last elections, declared, three years ago, the initiative for reform and it is now presenting a full program of a party that expresses its attitude in all the current issues.

Hassan said that the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitude towards the Copts is well-known to all; “We adopt a main rule according to which we are dealing with them:” They (Christians) have the same rights as we do and the same duties as we do”, added Hassan, pointing out that the Copts are partners in this homeland and the only difference between us is the religious rituals; they perform freely their religious rituals and we perform our religious rituals.

Regarding rumors that there are disagreements inside the Muslim Brotherhood group because of declaring the political party, Dr. Hamdi Hassan denied this, noting that what distinguishes the Muslim Brotherhood is that it has general principles and a clear thought which is adopted by its members; the loyalty is to the principles not to specific persons, making the group stable and protected from and division .

Asked about the future of the group under the current security crackdowns, Hassan ruled out that these crackdown have any effect on the future or present of the group that has gained a huge  popular legitimacy in the Egyptian street; people voted for it in the last parliamentary elections. ” the Muslim Brotherhood faced, across its history, similar pressures and crackdowns which only added to its strength and made it continue its Daiwa (preaching) method, without adopting violence” Hassan said.

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