• April 21, 2009

MB Bloc Condemns Assault On Palestinian MP

MB Bloc Condemns Assault On Palestinian MP

On behalf of the MB Parliamentary Bloc in Egypt, the bloc’s PR Secretary Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy condemned the assault on Palestinian MP Hamed El-Betawy, from the Reform and Change Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council, at the hands of a Palestinian preventive security officer.


El-Beltagy expressed his deep disappointment for such an incident to take place at a time when people are looking forward to a national reconciliation between the Palestinian factions and the reunification of the West Bank and Gaza so that Palestinians will be able to stand as one in the face of the new Israeli government which has shown no desire for a Palestinian homeland and is working towards the judaization of Jerusalem.


El-Beltagy called on all to be up to the challenges of the current stage and to practice self-control further hoping for the speedy recovery of El-Betawy.


El-Betawy was exposed to an assassination attempt Sunday, April 19, at the hands of a preventive security officer who directly and intentionally shot El-Betawy as he and his son were exiting the “Prophets’” Mosque after completing noon prayer.  El-Betawy was wounded by shrapnel in his right foot and was moved to Rafidya hospital to receive medical treatment.