MB Bloc Denounces Stripping Two Members of Immunity

In a new aggression on MPs who represent people, and in a flagrant violation to laws and constitution, the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) exploits its majority to pass the decision of lifting immunity on MPs Rajab Abu Zeid and Sabri Amer, although the House Speaker confirmed that the arrests were definitely wrong, because they weren’t arrested red-handed.
The legislative committee, mostly formed of NDP parliamentarians, agreed to lift immunity on both MPs according to a malicious accusation, and groundless claims; it based its serious motion on the state security prosecution’s report which is basically based on the State Security Police’s illegal report .
Denouncing the decision of lifting immunity of both MPs, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary confirms that the decision is a political message and a settling of scores for its role against corruption; the bloc promises the Egyptian people that its performance for their interests will not be affected by the decision of lifting the immunity.
The MB bloc confirms also that this violation isn’t confined to its MPs, but it is a violation to the legislative authority and a hideous aggression from the executive authority on it .
The bloc calls on the civil society organizations, human rights organizations and all freemen in Egypt to declare their rejection to the double standard policy, and the ruling NDP’s shameful policy of settling scores with the political opposition.

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