• February 1, 2008

MB Bloc Urges Gov’t Stop Gas Exports to Israel, Export it to Gaza Instead

MB Bloc Urges Gov’t Stop Gas Exports to Israel, Export it to Gaza Instead

Tuesday”s People”s Assembly session, allocated to discussing several deals for prospecting oil, witnessed a hot debate between the parliament speaker, Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour and a number of Muslim Brotherhood MPs over continuing to export Egyptian gas to Israel.
MP Sayyed Askar, of the MB bloc, changed the course of the session and declared his outright objection to continuing exporting Egyptian natural gas Israel specially under the blockade imposed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Gaza Strip and as IOF deny energy, food and medical supplies to this Palestinian city.

Dr. Mohamed Al Beltagi, the the Secretary-General of the MB parliamentary bloc, added that he criticizes also exporting gas to IOF for prices lower than current international prices.

Another Muslim Brotherhood MP, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, called it a crime, saying:”Export gas to Israel is a crime” specially under the current suffocating blockade imposed on the Palestinians in a way that seems to be a racial extermination”. he also called on Egyptian Oil Minister to stop supplying Israel with gas and export it to Gaza instead.
Egyptian Oil Minister, Sameh Fahmi, was attending the session and stopped short of talking. He only followed up the discussion between the People”s Assembly speaker and MPs without showing any reaction.

It is worth mentioning that the Muslim Brotherhood group has issued many statements in which it condemned the blockade imposed by IOF on Gaza Strip, and called on Arab and Muslim governments to take a serious reaction towards IOF violations against the Palestinian people. It also staged many rallies and demonstrations to show the public condemnation to this blockade.