• MB News
  • August 14, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB Calls for Donating Zakat Money to Help Somalia’s Famine

MB Calls for Donating Zakat Money to Help Somalia’s Famine

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badei, called on the Egyptian people, Arab states, and the Islamic world to do its part and donate generously  to save millions in the famine stricken Somalia.

The appeal comes in an effort to address the mounting humanitarian crisis in Somalia, where severe drought and high food prices have left more than 10 million people starving for food. Badei described the famine as a disgrace to humanity, adding unless each individual contributes to help our fellow human beings more lives will be lost.

Badei referred to a fatwa (Islamic decree) issued by Muslim Scholars stating that the disbursement of the Muslims’ Zakat funds is permissible for this purpose; stressing that it is our duty to stand with those in need during this terrible tragedy.

Meanwhile, Badei urged Somali factions to end infighting and put the interests of Somalia and its poor people above their closed-minded ideological differences.

Ending his message, the chairman reminded all that Islam makes it an obligation to help the needy, and called on all Muslims to illustrate the generosity that the religion advocates, especially during the Month of Ramdan.