MB Calls For Release of Gaza Relief Detainees

MB Calls For Release of Gaza Relief Detainees

The Muslim Brotherhood called for the immediate release of the Gaza relief detainees who have reached around 200 MB members.

The MB further denounced the detainment campaign, in its statement, describing it as a "matter that"s worthy to incite amazement" and questioning, "Is supporting the besieged a crime? Or is the greater crime the siege imposed by Israeli occupation on our brothers in Gaza and participating in it by not rising to break it in compliance with the decisions of the Arab League?!"

The statement listed examples of Egyptian resistance to invasion and occupation throughout history, in addition to their help to the leaders of the Algerian revolution to liberate their land, in spite of the distances between them, and their support to other national liberation movements in Africa and Asia.  The statement further questioned, "Was all this lawful but has become prohibited in the case of Palestine; the land of holy shrines, steadfastness, and our folks; not to mention our north-eastern gate?!"

The MB also affirmed that it does not suit Egypt to close the Rafah crossings in the face of the people of Gaza including the sick, students, and travelers to work, and only opening it sporadically for humanitarian reasons under pressure while Israeli occupiers enter Sinai without any entrance visas. Similarly, it does not suit Egypt to prevent fuel from the people of Gaza while exporting it to Israel at the cheapest prices.

The statement also said, "If the Egyptian government does not want to hold the responsibility of Gaza, we are not asking it to do that, but we are asking it to open the Rafah crossings according to administrative and security regulations, then leave the task of relief on the people.  But to kidnap the men who rose to perform this duty in the middle of the night scaring their families and children, this is a crime and shame that will not be expiated except by their immediate release."

The statement also addressed the detainees affirming that they are symbols of sacrifice and giving, as it addressed their wives, mothers, and daughters telling them, "Be confident in God, he will not forsake you, and what you have done is an honor to you, and what has befallen you is glory added to the records of strivers who have shown the best examples through their sacrifices for the sake of truth, justice, and freedom."