• June 15, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

MB Calls On Palestinians To End Infighting

MB Calls On Palestinians To End Infighting

In response to the tragic developments unfolding in Palestine over the past few days, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt urged Palestinians to end infighting and resume negotiations to preserve the Palestinian blood and undercut attempts to divide the Palestinian people which will only benefit the enemies.

Dr. Mohamed Habib, MB deputy leader, in a statement to Ikhwanweb condemned the latest escalation of violence between Hamas and Fattah, and called on their leaders to return back to negotiations.
“The Muslim Brotherhood understands the reasons that led to the security operation in Gaza by Hamas forces, but call on all parties involved to exercise utmost restraint to protect the Palestinian people’s interests”

He added that the takeover of Gaza’s security by Hamas forces is not military coup but rather a legitimate move supported by the elected government in Palestine in order to achieve stability and security and suppress the violent elements within the Palestinian Security Forces which spread chaos and killings on the streets sacntioned by a minority of corrupt leadership within Fattah which seek its own interest”

Dr. Habib hoped that security operation in Gaza will be able to restore stability and security so that the concerned parties can return to the negotiation table.
Dr. Habib praised decision by Hamas officials to grant amnesty to captured Fattah leaders in Gaza and consider it a positive step for reconciliation. He criticized the decision by President Abbas to dissolve the government and called it “premature” and will only deepen the conflict

“I believe the Palestinian government has performed very responsibly working under unusual and extreme difficult conditions as a result of the unjust economic and political siege by the international community, which is partly responsible for the deteriorating situation in Gaza “