• MB News
  • July 5, 2008
  • 5 minutes read

MB Candidate Starts Electoral Campaign in Alexandria

MB Candidate Starts Electoral Campaign in Alexandria

Mahmoud Awad (MB candidate for the parliamentary elections at Alexandria’s Manshyah) has set about his electoral campaign after the decision of the Minister of Interior to resume the parliamentary elections in two of the suspended constituencies on Sunday July 13th 2008, Ikhwanweb reporter said.


Awad said that the constituency has warmly welcomed him and his advocates and that the regime seems to adopt the same policy of forgery and harassment used during the recent Shura Council and Local Elections to curb the Muslim Brotherhood”s advances. But the MB will persist in their activities regardless of the difficulties, he told Ikhwanweb.


Lawyer Khalaf Bayomi indicated that they went to the Security Department of Alexandria and paid the duties to obtain a copy of the voters’ index and a statement of the electoral committees and premises; however they were promised to obtain them next Sunday.


He added that there are yet no signs of any other electoral campaign for other 43 candidates including that of the ruling NDP.


He stated that MB candidates ran for the elections in 2005 and could repeat the round against the NDP candidates; yet elections were suspended by judicial verdicts.


He indicated that MB candidate Mahmoud Awad could obtain 5080 votes against 3000 votes for NDP candidate Ahmad Ezzat; whose electoral character was contested. Also, Saad El-Sayed (MB candidate for workers’ seat) won 6001 against 2500 votes for NDP Amer Abu-Haif.