MB Candidates in Alex: We’ll Pursue All Peaceful Means to disclose Regime’s Violations

MB Candidates in Alex: We’ll Pursue All Peaceful Means to disclose Regime’s Violations

Mahmoud Awad and Saad El-Sayed (MB candidates in the parliamentary complementary elections in Alex) have stressed their persistence in pursuing all legal and peaceful methods to disclose the violations of the Egyptian regime and resisting systematic election fraud in Egypt.


In a press conference held Sunday noon at the MB bloc premises in Alex, Saad El-Sayed recounted the violations that took lace that day including intensive security presence in all streets.


“Our rights have been violated since the interior ministry announced the beginning of by-elections. They denied our rights to campaign for elections. There have been clear double-standards in the security”s treatment of different candidates. Alex’s security chief warned us against using speakers in our campaigns while allowing the ruling NDP candidate at the same time to use them. We will not be deterred; we will keep on calling for the people’s rights till the last breath, and we will resort to legal measures to retain our rights,” Saad told Ikhwanweb.


Mahmoud Awad told reporters at the conference that his constituency became a military barracks due to the intensive security presence and harassments. He tried to enter the ballot center at Al-Anfoushi School, but an officer barred him alleging that the center was for ladies so he couldn’t enter. He himself saw the security harassments against women trying to vote. He stated that the battle of MB candidates seemed to be against the Ministry of Interior rather than the NDP.


He added that such violations will only add fuel to the increasing public discontent.


Hussein Ibrahim (deputy chief of MB parliamentary bloc) said that what happened “dealt a crippling blow to democracy and freedom of expression and association.” Nearly 20 MB advocates were detained. He also added that although the NDP after three years of the 2005 elections still persists in fraud and repression, the MB will continue their peaceful political reform.



MB candidates have filed a challenge before Alexandria administrative court calling for the halting and cancellation of the decisions to resume the elections in Alex and the possible consequences with regard to the violations and terror pursued by the state against the MB candidates since the very beginning of voting process, including the barring of agents and representatives and utilizing the security forces to cordon the ballot centers early in the morning.