• November 14, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB Candidates Win 9 Seats In Sporting Professions Election

In Egypt, the election of the Sporting Professions syndicate came to a close on Nov. 12, 2006, in all general and subsidiary syndicates nationwide. However, in Damietta, a northern Egyptian coastal town, this was different, as it was the only governorate where the Muslim Brotherhood fielded candidates and eventually garnered 9 seats out of 14, the total number of seats in the governorate .
It is noted that these elections were not held in 8 governorates as the members of these councils won their seats unopposed due to the security pressures exerted on the candidates in these governorates until they renounced their candidacy to the ruling National Party candidates.

Commenting on the elections, Dr. Mohammed Moneer, a Professor at the Faculty of Sports in Port Said and one of 9 MB candidates who won the election, attributed the winning of his and other MB candidates to the fair and free atmosphere prevailing the ballot boxes. On the other hand, the electorate assured that the win of the MB candidates was a natural result of shortcomings of the outgoing council which they said did nothing to its members.
They said they elected this new MB list for their program which, once implemented, will turn the sports syndicate into an active one.