• April 9, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB Celebrates Orphans’ Day in Alexandria

MB Celebrates Orphans’ Day in Alexandria

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria organized a festival to celebrate the orphans’ Day. More than a thousand orphans in a caravan of buses drove through the streets of Alexandria where they spent the day at the “International Park”.

Mr. Mahmoud Attia and Osama Gado, members of the parliament, with more than 200 volunteers helped to make the event a huge success. The theme of the day was “Let’s enter the joy to orphans’ hearts” The children were provided with lots of food, cookies and were showered with presents such as clothes and toys from several charitable organizations, in a very happy event in their young lives, one which they will not forget.

In his speech during the Joma’a (Friday) Prayer, Mr. Mahmoud Attia encouraged the public to show more compassion towards orphans and help sponsor them financially following the teachings of Prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him).

Earlier, the State Security Investigators (SSI) tried to prevent the festival by sending letters to families and schools warning them not to participate in an activity organized by “a banned group” i.e Muslim Brotherhood. The result was an unprecedented attendance, which surpassed all expectations, thanks to the SSI