MB Chair: We Want Youth Who Know the Rights of A Country And Patriotism

MB Chair:  We Want Youth Who Know the Rights of A Country And Patriotism

In his weekly message addressing youth on the occasion of the World Student Day, MB Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef hailed the role of youth in reviving and uplifting nations stating that the MB wants youth who know the rights of a country and patriotism.

“They see religion as the brother of a nation and politics as a companion in the reform path; their hands reach out to carry the country”s banner and push the wheel of change towards a free future that will liberate the nation from those who stole the dreams and powers of its people and rid it from the shackles of dependence, dictatorship, and autocracy,” Akef added.

“Financial crises don”t let them down nor do exceptional shackles affect their determination.  These youths” hearts do not know hopelessness or frustration, nor does widespread opportunism, individualism, and isolation keep them from giving,” Akef continued.

Akef further explained the value of freedom saying, “youth”s understanding of their submission to God makes their repulsion from any shackle and liberation from any allegiance stronger.  By this moment all worldly matters become little and trivial for the sake of freedom.”

Akef also emphasized the importance of knowledge calling on youth to knock on every door that will lead to knowledge and reach the skies of every field pointing out that knowledge is the road to civilization.

Akef also called on youth to obey God and preserve the unity of societies considering unity the basic pillar of strength and well-being.