• MB News
  • July 20, 2010
  • 6 minutes read

MB chairman’s initiated meeting harvests mutual cooperation

MB chairman’s initiated meeting harvests mutual cooperation

 Over 35 guests from all political trends and walks attended the meeting which was held at the group’s headquarters in Cairo and agreed on common points that linked all the opposition factors while disregarding differences in policies. Among the opposition figures in attendance were National Association for Change (NAC) General coordinator Hassan Nafaa and Democratic Front Party Chairman Osama el-Ghazali.

The participants initially agreed and supported numerous issues including:

The call for annuling the state of emergency in order to counter the escalating trend of torture and murder practiced by the system
 – The continued cooperation to expose corruption

 – Exposing of fraud in the elections and the initiating of acceptable system to monitor the electoral process-The working together to support an Egyptian civil state and its institutions protecting it from disintegration and collapse

– The importance of mutual coordination between  parties and political opposition forces and  movements for the impending election. Unity in the call for free fair and transparent election

– An appeal to protect Egypt ‘s natural resources from waste

 – Rejection of foreign intervention in Egypt’s affairs

 – Discussion on  how to confront the regime in the event of continuing violations such as the state of emergency, election rigging, torture of citizens and arbitrary detentions

The meeting ended amiably with promises of further discussion