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  • April 1, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Chairman, inaugurates MB centre in Alexandria

MB Chairman, inaugurates MB centre in Alexandria

 MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, opened the Centre of the MB in Alexandria on Wednesday evening. A number of MB leaders attended including: Gomaa Amin, Deputy Chairman, Mohamed Abdel Monem, Hussein Ibrahim and Mohamed Sowidan.

The MB Chairman met with a number of youths and leaders in Alexandria. He spoke about the project of developing the work of the MB, pointing out that everyone should take part in working to develop the work of the MB during this historical phase in Egypt.

He stressed that the youth has participated in writing the history of Egypt, pointing out that the MB will organize camps for the youth after the fall of Mubarak and his regime. He stated that these camps are of great importance in building the personality and character of the MB members.

He stated that it is important to develop the media work of the MB and highlighted that they will establish a satellite TV channel and a newspaper.

He called on the youth to appreciate and understand opposing opinions and said: “We have to be keen on achieving what is best for our mission and we will hold many meetings with the youths and the MB leaders to get as many suggestions as possible to develop our work.”

At the end of the meeting, youths urged the MB Chairman to renew their oath of allegiance to him, pointing out that the security conditions of the past regime had made it difficult to do so.