MB Chairman: al-Banna laid the foundations for the nation’s development

MB Chairman: al-Banna laid the foundations for the nation’s development

Dr. Mohammed Badi, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that the martyr Imam Hassan al-Banna, founder of the group and its first leader did not die. He still present in the presence of the men he brought up. The weak body which was exhausted in the trips for the sake of Allah might be gone, but the spirit is still among the righteous ones who work for the cause all around the globe.

in his weekly letter under the title "Hassan al-Banna, the man and the curriculum" he stated: "we remember him in his 61 memorial day of his death February 12, we become sure that the so We evoke the memory on the day of his death (Feb. 12) and sixty-atheist make sure that the spirit, curriculum and foundations he laid are still strong and gets stronger with the passage of time. The martyr imam has given it of his pure blood the power to continue"

He added: "his name applied on the case, as he established a huge structure, and based it on a clear approach for change and reform from the biography of the prophet- Peace Be Upon Him- to achieve a nobel goal of raising the Islamic nation, reviving its glory and restoring its leadership in the whole world after liberating its territories and restoring the international entity to this nation"

the Chairman pointed out that the Imam drew a practical and subjective work plan which proved its feasibility by the passage of days , while other quick plans failed. The plan was to start with reforming the individual, establishing a Muslim house, leading the society to the good and fighting evil and it continues with liberating the nations from all foreign domination and hegemony, reforming governments according to the Islamic approach and finishes with restoring the international entity of the Islamic nation and its global leadership with no custody, but with the global humanitarianism brought by Islam"

"The Imam clearly announced that the development of the nation will only be achieved on the basis and foundations of Islam and rules, and this is what had actually happened after his death and was expressed by the Muslim masses in each referendum or free and fair elections by supporting the Islamic project". 
He pointed out days and time to the days of time and events have proved over more than a century that all experiences of development of the nation reached a deadlock and we are still looking for the true independence, the free will, the true justice, social justice,  the law, public freedoms, and the rotation of power which the rulers derived from the nation through the free elections.

The Chairman denounced the presence of foreign occupation forces from more than 40 countries, led by the US, in addition to the security agreements which restricts Islamic governments and places its military force and police in the face of its people and Muslim neighbors.

He added: "Here, the whole world –with the UN and the international community – support a racist entity which desecrated the land of Palestine, unplanted olive trees and destroyed it, displaced millions of elderly, women and children, who still hold on tight to the keys to their homes and they inherit it", he added " despite all the heinous crimes practiced by this criminal gang, which would stop at the recent assassination of martyr Mahmoud Abdel Raouf Al-Mabhouh in AUE by Mossad agents who accompanied the Zionist minister who desecrated Arab lands in an international conference".

He concluded his letter by addressing the MB members saying "dear brothers, continue your way with the grace of Allah, be faithful to the vows you made to Allah, study the Quran to learn your planned way and its steps, study the biography of your prophet –Peace Be Upon Him- in order to know that your approach is the modern application of the prophets approach. Work and never give up as the future will be for your cause and the victory will be won by your nation"