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  • June 15, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB Chairman: All Are Obliged to Protect the Revolution

MB Chairman: All Are Obliged to Protect the Revolution

Addressing an audience in the 6th of October district, Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, described the significance of protecting the revolution’s achievements. Badie called on all factions to unite and stem all attempts by opportunists to hijack it and its accomplishments and protect it from those who might try to pervert it for their own gain.

He noted that the revolution, which illustrated that corruption never prevails, has paved the way for great movements toward freedom and democracy in Egypt for all.

Seeking to reassure Egyptians anxious about the MB’s influence, Badie reiterated that the group would not seek the presidency or a parliamentary majority in free and fair elections promised by the military council now ruling Egypt. He added that Egypt’s wellbeing is a priority that the MB recognizes and calls for a civil state based on Islamic references guaranteeing equality, freedom and justice for all regardless of religion, ideological differences, sex or creed.

Badie highlighted that through patience, justice has been served following the fall of the regime, stressing that for many years innocent members of the MB faced oppression and unjust sentences for months and sometimes years. He referred to just a few, including MB deputy chairman Eng. Khairat el Shater and businessman Hassan Malek, who spent years behind bars and had many of their assets confiscated.

He claimed that no one can maintain that it is better to do injustice than to bear it and that what Egypt is currently witnessing is a welcome triumph over the decades of corruption in which the nation had lived. Badie added that history has demonstrated that the most notable people who made accomplishments were those who usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed, stressing that they persevered because they refused to be discouraged by their defeats.

It was on this note that he ended the seminar, underlining the importance of each individual’s responsibility towards building the nation and providing its citizens with the best facilities and public services possible following years of depravation and corruption by a regime which is now, thanks to the revolution, paying its due.