MB Chairman: Arabs must counter conspiracy of dividing Arab lands into smaller states

MB Chairman: Arabs must counter conspiracy of dividing Arab lands into smaller states

Dr. Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group, sees that Arab and Muslim unity is the only way in which Muslims can successfully protect their sacred regions and lands, their lives, honor, and wealth. He added that unity was necessary to combat the world’s military and political blocs and encounter the global dominance of the New World Order, which aims at dividing Muslim states into smaller units.
In his weekly message entitled Conspiracy Against the Muslim World Continues Unabated, Badie asserted that atrocities committed against the Muslims in Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, China, India, Burma, Thailand and the Philippines, has prompted the Muslim Brotherhood group to work harder and help those who are oppressed to attain belief in peace and unity as their only means to gain victory.

 Badie ascertained that the conspiracy behind the planned modern Crusades and attempts to divide Arab states in the 20th century result from the weakness of the Arab regimes which has rendered them easy prey and allowed others to manipulate the fate of the Muslim nation.

 He asserted that Sudan, the largest African country, bears witness to the evil conspiracies and plans of Zionists to divide it into smaller states and that these are regarded as priorities on the `Israeli agenda in the Middle East. This division will facilitate Zionist penetration to the depths of the African continent, and will allow it to take advantage of its raw materials. Furthermore, it will help them to control the Red Sea, and help it form a strong barrier against the Arab and Muslim world.

 Badie warned of potential security, political and economic challenges in Sudan including the outbreak of a bloody civil war between the north and the south due to disagreements over border demarcation. He also cautioned of a rebellion in Darfur, in addition to sustained international pressure on Sudan to cooperate with the Criminal Court for Human Rights. He criticized plans to limit Sudan’s share of the Nile’s water and oil.

The chairman concluded his message to the MB members stressing that the division of Sudan’s south from its north will be the first step in a US-Zionist scheme in the Middle East which is consistent in its calls for establishing a mini Palestinian state in which Zionists aim at gaining legitimacy; allowing them to engage in the region’s affairs, with Iraq being the next step.

However, US-Zionist attempts to separate Yemen may acquire greater political momentum. As long as Arab regimes remain passive, there is the possibility that it may spread to other states.