• MB News
  • June 2, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Chairman: Democracy Means Respecting the Will of the Majority

MB Chairman: Democracy Means Respecting the Will of the Majority

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie called on Egypt’s political forces to abide by the principles of democracy, which stipulate that in a transparent and free elections the minority must respect the choice of the majority.

Referring to the March 19th referendum, Badie maintained that it was wrong to try to change the outcome of a vote  after the people have already made their choice with vast majority

Speaking about the MB’s principles, Badie cited that the group is prepared and obliged to accept the will of the people so long as they are demonstrated through the ballot boxes in a free and transparent elections captured the respect of the free world.  He added that the group is committed to the morals and values of Islam, which respects and promotes democracy.

Badie argued that each individual is entitled to defend his or her rights, but we must value the views of others. Badie maintained that the rules of democracy must be respected and that discussing an opinion which has already been made defeats the purpose of going to the polls and can create chaos and instability.

Calling political forces to unite, Badie urged them to put their differences aside for the wellbeing of Egypt, and get to work preparing for elections instead of wasting their energy trying to the impose their extreme views on the majority of Egyptians.