MB Chairman: Do no mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order

MB Chairman: Do no mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order

 He called on all who advocated reform, to seriously think about the planet’s future. He described it as fraught with disasters ranging from environmental pollution, global warming, and nuclear threats to insidious colonialism of all its forms which specifically target the most vulnerable communities and underdeveloped countries.

 The injustice of human being and encroachment of the authorities has also contributed   to the world’s disaster. Hence time has come to stop whatever damage has been done. It is the responsibility of the intellectual men of every race, color and religion to stand united in the face of injustice, tyranny and corruption and to help restore order on Earth; on all levels. Accordingly, the Muslim Brotherhood calls upon the world’s intellectuals and custodians of morals and traditional values of human rights to stand united, to help one another and to join forces.

 Badie attributed the world’s damage to the tremendous deterioration of ethical and moral values, and the disregard to both the Earth we live on and the people living on it. He emphasized that Allah our lord, had created the world and its resources for the benefit of one and all however man’s greed, has turned these divine blessings into a means of conflict through war, injustice and tyranny.

 The attempts by man to control the world’s resources have wreaked havoc with the attempts to monopolize control of the world’s supply of natural resources such as oil. The enactment of unjust laws and unfair agreements such as The Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 which divided the Ottoman Arab lands into zones ensuing mandatory powers and Balfour’s promise of a national home for the Jews in Palestine are examples. The dividing of Africa into areas such as French Congo, Belgian Congo and Portuguese Congo under Portuguese rule is also an example. Somalia also was a colony, under Italian control from the 1880s until 1942 in the territory of the modern-day Northeast African nation of Somalia, British Somaliland and French Somaliland. Wars are still raging in order to impose colonial domination and occupation to expand spheres of influence. We must renounce any colonial ambition and greed and stand united against all forms of exploitation

 It is a reality and a frightening consequence that man’s greed and carelessness causes environmental pollution caused by industrial dumping and man’s lust for more produce.  Pollution will affect all aspects necessary for man to flourish. Pollution from the use of pesticides also affects air, water, plant and animal life. Man must return to his roots and sow through, organic farming and biological control methods 

 Nuclear contamination is also a form of deadly pollution, despite efforts to ban its use the Israelis have exercised pressure and declined to attend the conference calling for its banning. It has not committed to the recommendations by the Non proliferation conference held in the US to alter the spread of nuclear weapons as the conference called on those with atomic warheads to abandon and safeguard nuclear materials

The Chairman also discussed the imminent danger of the environmentally harmful genetic engineering technologies which concerned scientists have reportedly warned against

He regarded however, declining moral standards to be more dangerous than any of the pollutions mentioned, describing it as endless asserting that, the decreasing standards of morals and ethics will ultimately effect mankind and cause an imbalance.

 It is necessary that the Muslim’s convey the comprehensive message of Allah and the   Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The message of Islam advocates respect and regard to all of the world’s resources and most importantly to man himself. It is imperative that we remember that the “World is fragile and we must handle it with care”. 

Badie concluded his message optimistically saying “Let’s all be confident that the World’s darkness will not be strong enough to extinguish the light of even a small candle; and we will use the light of this small candle to give hope and dispel darkness.
Verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.” (At-Talaq: 3).