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  • May 30, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

MB Chairman: Egypt’s January 25 Revolution Spirit Must be Revived

MB Chairman: Egypt’s January 25 Revolution Spirit Must be Revived

Dr. Mohamed Badie Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt ‘s best organized political force, called on the people to revive the spirit present during the January 25 Revolution.

Speaking on state television Badie opposed the second day of rage on Friday and called it an attempt to drive a wedge between the military and the people. He argued nobody should go out against the army which played an instrumental role in making the 25 January revolution a success.

Describing the recent events between Muslims and Copts as having a negative impact, he called for unity stressing the sedition contributed to changing the world’s view of Egypt . He stressed that the MB was keen that Muslims, Copts and all political trends unite and share the same voice.

Badie cited that the efforts by remnants from the ruling regime in dismantling and provoking the unity of the people must be combated and Tahrir’s early days be rekindled. He called on the people to ignore the voices that incite sectarianism and violence by spreading rumors that could destabilize the country.

Speaking about the referendum Badie repeated the MB’s views that the people were now the legitimate voice and they were heard when they went to the ballot boxes and voted in favour of the referendum.He stated that the military has respected the people’s will and in fact has announced that elections will run as planned and that the people must acknowledge the army’s reputable stand throughout the revolution and beyond.

Badie maintained that the MB is supporting the military to complete the peaceful transition of power so that it may return to its barracks and continue its noble job of protecting the nation.

Addressing the issue of the Freedom and Justice Party Badie explained that it was an independent institution which opened its doors to Muslims and Copts based on Islamic law which highlights freedom, social justice, and equality to all.  He pointed out that the party’s political agenda was posted on the group’s official site. In fact the group’s cofounders included 93 Copts and the vice president is Copt intellect Rafiq Habib.

Ending his interview Badie asserted that the MB is calling for a civil state based on Islamic references which offers equality to all regardless of religious or ideological differences.