MB Chairman: Freedom has a price and peaceful resistance is our approach

MB Chairman: Freedom has a price and peaceful resistance is our approach

Mr. Mohammed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, has ascertained that the deteriorating conditions of the Arab and Islamic nation provoke anger and frustration due to the crimes committed against the Palestinians.


In his weekly message titled “Martyrdom and Sacrifice in the face of corruption and the Israeli occupation,” Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman Mohamed Mahdy Akef stressed that it is inappropriate to separate between the two sides of the coin not only because of the injustice and harm taking place but also because there has become a kind of unspoken alliance between the unjust ruling and brutal colonialism in which the US and Israeli interests match.


He marveled the fact that Arab leaders still believe that the United States and Israeli Occupation Authority are serious on the so-called “Middle East Peace Process” where some Arab and Muslims still believe in their claims despite the continued daily hostility against the innocent Palestinians. No message could be more clear leaving no room to doubt the true intentions on the usurped rights in Palestine.


“The entire Islamic nation is obligated to set priorities regarding the latest developments and support the armed resistance whose motto is “either martyrdom or victory” for the sake of principle, religion, and the highest values are still the right choice, he sai
d adding “It is the only realistic and viable option for implementation“.


Throughout the centuries the Muslim nations have revealed a remarkable ability to withstand hardships offering sacrifices for the sake of religion and its values.   More than once they have demonstrated that they are capable of regaining their freedom, whatever the sacrifices and obstacles”.


          The Brotherhood’s Chairman stressed that the Arab and Islamic nations will not regain national freedom, personal liberty and self-determination unless there is genuine support of the resistance. Each and every individual must participate by sacrificing his time, effort and his personal creature comforts in an attempt to follow the path of political reform. The honorable will continue to struggle against any occupier and corrupt dictatorship by implementing any measures they believe suitable.



Akef concluded his weekly statement declaring “Our sons must be aware of the great honor bestowed on any individual in the case of martyrdom after brave confrontation and resistance of the Israeli occupation or any tyrant committing injustices and inflicting harm on any innocent people”.