MB Chairman: Islam Endorses Education as Foundations of Egypt’s Renaissance

MB Chairman: Islam Endorses Education as Foundations of Egypt’s Renaissance

 Focusing on the upcoming phase following the success of the Peoples Revolution Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie emphasized the significance of education. Guests present during the conference were Dr. Abdul Raman el Bar from the Executive Bureau and Islamic intellect Dr. Abdul Khaleq al Shereef.

He stressed it was imperative that for the country’s renaissance and development, an education system that is culturally, politically and ideologically neutral be established to serve the philosophical, economic and cultural needs of its society. He stated that through this education in which Islam endorses the doors of freedom and the prospects of justice in the nation will be attained.

During his speech which touched on numerous issues Badie noted that the concept of building a nation implied a process in which there is systematic planning, gathering of required material and hard work to erect the designed structure. He maintained that through following these simple guidelines offered in Islam’s teachings to build a nation dignity and freedom would once more be restored to all of Egypt.

Badie called for the abolishment of any lingering State security institutions which were an obstacle during the Mubarak era highlighting that the existence of them and the regime’s remnants only proves to be an unwelcome wedge between Muslims and Copts who are part of the fabric of the Egyptian nation.

Badie asserted that history has proven that since its establishment there has been an amicable relationship between the MB and the Copts and it is important that no faction be affected by driving forces which work on creating sedition and strife.

Concerning the Azhar institution and its significance Badie proposed that an election be held to choose its leader highlighting the significance of separating the institution from the government using the MB’s newly formed Freedom and Justice Party as an example of independence.

Badie noted with keen interest the theme of Building the Nation through Education asserting that it   revealed and required the presence of farsighted and creative minds ready to make sacrifices, and commitment and dedication to realise the goals of Egypt’s struggle following the revolution. He explained that the venture of building the nation which will undoubtedly take place over a long period of time will bring out the virtues of patience, endurance and hard work.

He acknowledged it was difficult to set definite timeframes nevertheless it was an historical duty from which we cannot abscond adding that through this education and the restoring of our humanity and value systems, we rewrite our history and build  the nation. Concluding the seminar Badie stated that as a country we cannot reach our maximum potential without education.